The Benefits of Uncapped Fibre for Business and The Fine Print To Look For

At first, you may think that uncapped Fibre for business is the obvious way to go (and it should be), but many Internet Fibre Providers are not too upfront about their fine print, and it is this which makes uncapped Fibre – or any internet data option – questionable – because this has the potential to seriously hamper the productivity of your workforce.

Many Fibre providers promote their packages as “uncapped” but the small print explains that when you’ve reached the monthly threshold of their Fair Use Policy, your connection will be throttled (slowed down).

This article will explain uncapped Fibre in detail, and why, when all’s said and done, it is the provider of your business Fibre which makes all the difference, and you should determine your uncapped Fibre package by a provider, not by package which may proclaim one thing but mean something else altogether.

Uncapped Fibre vs. capped Fibre

Uncapped Fibre means your business can use as much data as you like, in a certain period of time, usually for the month, whereas capped Fibre means that your data is capped; you can only use a certain amount of data each month before the connection is severed.

But, before you get excited about uncapped Fibre, read the following because not all uncapped data is equal:

Not all uncapped Fibre is equal

Somebody’s gotta pay for the data, so many ISPs who offer uncapped Fibre, do so conditionally. In other words, they’re going to make up for the money they lose by shaping or throttling your uncapped data.

Here’s what this essentially means: uncapped Fibre is best for business, but when it’s shaped and throttled, you may need to think twice.

Service providers in South Africa are rather fond of shaping uncapped data, which means that in order not to overwhelm the network, they slow down the data rate used to access some sites during peak hours; i.e. the speed of your connection to certain sites decreases.

Throttling is even worse because instead of targeting specific sites, the overall line speed is slowed down for all internet users.

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BitCo does not throttle or shape business Fibre packages

If you’re doing your due diligence on which ISPs shape or throttle data, you should know that BitCo’s business Fibre packages are all uncapped, uncontended (the speed of your line is not affected by other users, and the speed is fixed) and synchronous (upload and download speeds are the same).

We do not shape or throttle business Fibre packages.

Check out our acceptable and fair use policy.

Benefits of uncapped Fibre for business

If you’ve read the article up to this point, you’ll know that uncapped Fibre for business is essential, provided the ISP does not shape or throttle data. So, be sure about that before signing on the dotted line.

What are some of the other benefits of uncapped Fibre for business?

Save money

No need to pay exorbitant top-up fees when the allotted amount of data is used up.

High productivity is maintained

All employees can use as much data as required in order to fulfil their work obligations, so high productivity is maintained. No running out of data at the worst times; like just before a deadline…

Reduces stress

No matter the size of the business, there is always one person who is responsible for the data. That person is going to feel stress on a monthly basis, waiting for the Fibre internet connection to be severed when the limit is reached.

Know your monthly spend

With uncapped Fibre, it is easier to manage your monthly budget because you’ll know exactly how much your data is going to cost.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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