How Inadequate Fibre Internet Providers Can Kill Your Business

How much would it cost your business if the internet went down for a day? More realistically, how much is a periodically slow and unreliable internet connection costing you indirectly, in the form of unproductivity, irritated customers and employee frustration? Let’s take a look at how an unreliable Fibre internet provider can negatively impact your business, and in some cases, even kill it.

Poor after sales support

ISPs will always do their best to tie you into the sale, but you also want to receive the same amount of support afterwards. This can include but not limited to: contracts, service level agreements and response times.

But at the time, you assumed you could trust that if there was a problem, your Fibre internet provider would sort it out ASAP

All you’d need to do is call the support line.

But if you’ve chosen an ISP that outsources its technical support team, you may be in for a wait.

Now, you’ve placed the call, but since it’s 18h00 and after hours, you were told that “someone would get back to you”.

And so you wait. In the meantime, you’re paying overtime for the employees working on a project that is due tomorrow morning at 08h00, and all of them need the internet to perform their chores.

You’re still waiting for a fix at 20h00.

You get the picture.

Here’s how to tell if a Fibre internet provider is unreliable in terms of support:

  • They don’t provide contracts or SLAs which would keep them accountable and give you peace of mind.
  • They don’t promise to resolve issues in a certain period of time.
  • Their call centre is not available after hours.
  • They don’t provide many contact options.
  • They don’t have a ticketing system to track problems.
  • Their support service is outsourced.

At BitCo, our after sales support looks like this:

  • We offer 24/7 support.
  • We provide contracts and SLAs for your peace of mind. (For Business Fibre)
  • Our support team is not outsourced, so our service is faster and superior.

We advise companies to look for providers that have set processes in place; these indicate stability and maturity.

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Long and short downtimes affect productivity and morale

It’s not only long downtimes that impact your business but those short, frustrating bursts of slowness or interruption.

It affects productivity and employee morale.

Just try to calculate how much money is lost per employee, every time the connection is slow or goes down. In addition, your staff will become frustrated because they’re not being given the tools necessary to do their jobs well. This is bad for employee engagement.

  1. So why do slow periods occur? Well, long downtimes happen when ISPs don’t guarantee uptime (BitCo has a 99% operational uptime guarantee), and when you experience slow connection or interrupted connection, that can be due to:
  • Shaped data (very common).
  • Throttled data (also very common).
  • Last mile connectivity.
  • Choosing the incorrect package, or perhaps your package needs an upgrade, as speed can be affected by amount of users.

BitCo does not shape or throttle data, and we use Fibre for the last mile (not all ISPs do, and this affects speed). All our business Fibre packages are uncapped, unshaped and uncontended.

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Changing to a new internet provider

If you continue to have internet issues or believe you should be receiving better service, something’s gotta give.

But switching is going to cost, and may also cause a jolt to the business, so let’s take a look at how you can change Fibre internet providers in a way that will have the least negative effect. It can be more complicated than you might at first believe.

First, find out if it’s even possible to change providers. You’ll need to find out if there are other Fibre internet providers that offer Fibre coverage in your area.

Before you commit to switching, consider negotiating. Can the ISP improve on the service that they have previously provided you? Can they offer you a contract or guarantee? Getting a solution would make it a lot easier than having to switch providers.

If you decide to switch, be sure to do your homework. It takes effort, but we’ve got many hard-core, honest articles that show you what to look for. HighSpeedExperts are in agreement, and advise you to “be sure to evaluate the options carefully, paying special attention to all of the charges, fees, and monthly rates associated with the package you are interested in. Don’t just look at the price, either, consider what you want to use your service for.”

Factor in the wait time of moving to a new Fibre internet provider. Try and schedule the installation date to be the same date your current provider cuts off your existing service so there’s no in-between time where you’re left without the internet. If you choose BitCo, we can offer a temporary Wireless solution while you wait to ensure it’s business as usual. (Line of sight dependent).

Look online to find reviews on the internet providers with Fibre availability in your area. Bear in mind that no company is going to be spotless (and if they are, be wary), but do make comparisons between how many poor reviews there are as opposed to good ones.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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