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How BitCo’s Fibre Coverage Continues to expand Through Their Ever Growing Network

When an ISP is less than three years old, you can expect teething problems, but they often make their customers pay for it.

Founded in 2006, giving them 12 years experience, BitCo is South Africa’s is one of the most efficient national telecommunications service providers and continues to be at the forefront in business connectivity and telecoms service delivery. The difference is in their network strategy: an unequalled, continual investment in Fibre optic and wireless last mile network which spans across the nation.

In its twelve years of existence, BitCo has continually expanded its network and is now available to thousands of home and business locations across South Africa.


Always slightly ahead of the pack due to forward-thinking and it’s innovation culture, BitCo works with the notion that superfast internet is a business necessity and has therefore put in place an infrastructure that currently delivers internet access speeds of up to 1 Gigabyte per second (Gbps), with the capacity to reach 30 – 40 multiples of that speed in the future.

BitCo also powers the latest advances in wireless internet connection and  VoIP gateways.

Key differentiation factor

More importantly, BitCo’s entire infrastructure is privately self-funded. (What this means for their business clients is state-of-the-art internet connectivity across the board, and a personalised, benchmark service experience.)

Broadband connectivity is present in South Africa’s major cities including Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. Other less popular cities such as Bloemfontein, Richards Bay, Polokwane etc. are also connected in certain areas

Remarkably, BitCo’s expansive capability is one of its greatest strengths which undoubtedly gives it an edge over its competitors. Consequently, network expansion goes on by the day and in no distant future will be available nationwide.

BitCo’s expansion strategy

How has BitCo managed to expand so widely? Let’s take a look:

Drastic network expansion & innovation

Expanding Fibre coverage and wireless network technology has ensured BitCo’s rapid expansion since 2006.

BitCo commits larger funding annually into expanding its network infrastructure, in line with its vision of delivering world-class Fibre connections across South Africa.

Though capital intensive, the optical Fibre is the world’s fastest and most efficient network technology at present. Made from glass, the Fibre transmits data at blistering high speeds and is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Therefore, accelerated Fibre coverage has been at the heart of BitCo’s network expansion strategy.

A second feature that makes a Fibre network easier to expand is its structure. Fibre pipes typically contain hundreds of Fibre strands, and even when they are exhausted, more strands can be easily added without having to dig up the floor along the pipes’ path.

For regions where Fibre coverage is still absent, wireless technology is temporarily deployed to offer connectivity pending Fibre installation.

Wider Reach

BitCo has mapped out core regions and areas of strategic interest such that businesses and corporations are within its network coverage area.

Also, a program that partners with other smaller businesses stretches its reach. A lot of participants in the country’s ICT value chain such as ISPs, PBX vendors and telephony suppliers can tap into BitCo’s network via this initiative.

Companies who partner with BitCo can be wholesalers, resellers or agents, a development which has seen BitCo services available to a wider range of individuals and businesses.

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Promotions and advertisements are key for any business and BitCo leverages this avenue for expansion purposes too. Appealing to emblems of national importance, BitCo is the official Internet Service Provider (ISP) to Cricket South Africa (CSA) and the nation’s national cricket team, The Proteas.

Top class network management

BitCo’s internal network is built to support future expansion. Current research suggests Fibre can accommodate speeds of up to 1 Terabyte per second (Tbps), so you can rest assured you’re on a future-proof technology that not only gets better every passing year.

BitCo manages and maintains their own network which comes with benefits to their clients when it comes to expanding their network.

Excellent maintenance

Expansion is good, but the hallmark of any tech-related service is its maintenance strategy. BitCo has a direct technical team which enables them to offer top-notch pre and post-sales support.

However, there is much more. Only a few companies provide ‘true speeds’ to their client base which is largely due to technical monitoring, maintenance and swift response during connectivity downtime, and this is where BitCo smashes all the records…

We successfully (and continually) deliver on the promise of a 99% guaranteed uptime with thousands of client testimonials to that effect. Our last and most recent network upgrade in Cape Town is an ironclad testament.

Being one of the handfuls of ISP tier 1 providers, who lights our own Fibre, there is no doubt that BitCo offers the best internet connections on in South Africa. This consolidates BitCo’s commitment to giving unbeatable value to a business in South Africa. We consistently roll out innovative plans and services, which helps us maintain a steady rise since inception.

Latest statistics from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) show that about X million South Africans are connected to BitCo’s network.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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