Fibre to the Home

Fibre To The Home: Why FTTH is the best connectivity option for any home

In today’s day and age, we constantly need to be connected to the internet. We run our families, our homes and our businesses on an internet connection; keeping in touch with your family and friends, constantly connecting with clients while on the go, being able to do research at the touch of a button. Our constant need to be connected means that there are more internet connection solutions available to us. One of the best ways to be connected is to invest in a Fibre line to the home. Not only will you be connected at all times, but your family will be too, saving you hassle and money at the end of the day.

Fibre to the home is the fastest and best way to be connected. If you consider the costs of purchasing prepaid data for your family, it can become quite a costly expense. Installing Fibre to the home will save you money in the long run. You will only need to pay a once-off installation fee, as well as your monthly connectivity fee. However, the benefits of a Fibre to the home connection package far outweighs that of purchasing prepaid data every month.

If you consider how the world is evolving, we are continually moving more into a digital space and we are therefore becoming a lot more reliant on being connected at all times. Think about how we used to watch movies or series: we have evolved from having to rent a movie, or wait for a series to be broadcast on television, to an era where television, movies, series and documentaries are available at our fingertips through means of streaming. Having a home Fibre line installed will allow you to stay up to date with current shows as you please.

Working environments have also changed drastically over the last couple of years. Businesses are realising the benefits of having staff work from the comfort of their own homes more often. However, in order to work effectively, you would need a steady and reliable Fibre internet connection. More and more small businesses that operate from home are also popping up, and a business cannot function without a basic internet connection. Installing a Fibre to the home line will cover the needs of your family, as well as when you need to put in some working hours.

Being connected has become essential in our everyday lives for various reasons. We need to be in touch with our families and friends constantly. We check social media throughout the day, we run businesses or do our jobs effectively through being connected, and we make important purchasing decisions better by doing research first, whether it is from our phones or laptops.

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The cost of mobile or prepaid data is extremely high in South Africa.  Considering how much we need to do online, it is easily depleted very quickly, especially if there are multiple users connected. We simply cannot afford to stay connected like we want to on mobile or prepaid data – the cost is just too high. Having an uncapped Fibre to the home line installed solves all of these problems and ensures that you don’t undergo any additional or unexpected expenses.

Fibre to the home allows multiple users to be connected at once, without much of a connection interruption. It is the most cost-effective and efficient way for you and your family to be connected. There are various different Fibre to the home packages available, and which one you choose will depend on the connectivity needs of your household, but some of the basic things to consider include:

  • The speed of the line you want. Home generally run on Fibre lines of between 10 Mbps – 200 Mbps.
  • What you will need the connection for: The line you choose will depend on your needs. Consider basic internet access, checking emails, downloading large files and documents, uploading, real-time cloud connection, online gaming and streaming before you choose your line.
  • The number of users. The more people who will use the line, the bigger/better the line needs to be so that everyone can experience a high-quality, fast and effective connection.

BitCo offers a wide variety of Fibre to the home packages. Our packages are some of the best available to customers today. Here’s why:

  • We only do uncapped packages, so you will never run out of data
  • We offer 24/7- 365 support
  • We offer month-to-month packages so you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract up front
  • Our rates are highly competitive

Check your home coverage here and let us help you guide you into which Home Fibre line you should be using!

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