Fibre To The Home

Fibre to the home: Everything you need to know

Never has it been easier to connect with your loved ones, near and far, thanks to the internet and being able to connect to someone at the touch of a button. Technology is always improving, which means ways to stay connected is becoming better with faster Fibre to the home speeds and better data packages. If your household spends a lot of time online and therefore you spend a lot of money on data packages, you may want to consider switching to home Fibre. Millions of households worldwide have already invested in Fibre to the home internet solutions.

Have you heard about wireless or ADSL? Well, Fibre is similar but much better. In simple terms, Fibre internet is basically optic Fibre cables buried under the ground and laid to connect homes and businesses with the internet. They call it Fibre optics because the technology used is actually thing glass fibres that use light instead of electricity to carry digital signals and data and virtually unlimited speeds. It is the most advanced, stable and super-fast connection currently available to anyone who wants super fast, reliable internet connection.

Fibre to the home connections have increased in demand over the last few years, and demand is not slowing down any time soon. Yet, it is the only technology with enough bandwidth to handle projected demands during the next decade reliably and cost-effectively. It is a cost-effective, reliable solutions to homes all over the world.  It is one of the few technologies that are virtually unlimited in bandwidth meaning, it can’t run out and can be supplied to homes and businesses indefinitely. There is also no limit on the number of users that can use Fibre optics. It can be installed in a location and there is no limit as to how many connections can be linked with the Fibre optic cable. Having a Fibre optic connection also allows your household to have several users browsing the web all at once without a dip in connection and quality. So while one person surfs the web, the other can browse YouTube or stream Netflix at the same time.

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Family connected to multiple devices through home Fibre connection

There are many benefits to having home Fibre installed instead of other connectivity solutions. Fibre is a lot faster than any other kind of connection because the technology uses light instead of electricity to transfer data. It is faster than even the highest speed copper internet connection, with speeds ranging from a 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (1Gbps). In addition to faster and more efficient connection, signal degradation is also reduced in Fibre optics when compared to other connection sources, making your connection more secure and free of interruptions.

Home Fibre is much more reliable than all of the other “fast” internet solutions. It is far less affected by environmental challenges that can affect the performance of other solutions like copper. Fibre can thrive in all conditions, including being submerged or left in the sun. It is also reliable due to the fact that it remains unaffected by electromagnetic and radio frequencies, making your connection stronger. Compared to other connectivity solutions like copper, Fibre optics are not at risk of being stolen either.

In addition to the above, there are no secondary costs when it comes to installing Fibre. After the initial installation fee and excluding your monthly data fee, there are no other costs involved. Fibre is already widely available in South Africa. Although only a certain amount of neighbourhoods have received Fibre optic cables, plans are in place to keep expanding as the demand for Fibre to the home rises.

Fibre to the home connection also allows you to bundle all of your data requirements or services. If you would like to receive telephone, video, audio and television digital data streaming, one simple Fibre connection can connect you to all of the above. This is a much more cost-effective and simpler way of staying connected.

Fibre is also very secure as it does not radiate signals and is therefore very difficult to tap into or hack. This ensures additional security for your data. If the cable is tapped, it will leak light, causing the entire system to fail.

So, in short, a Fibre to the home solution is not only your fastest, most convenient, safest and most secure way to connect to the internet, but it’s also cost-effective and can potentially save you money over time.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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