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Fibre Optic or Cable? Which Internet connection is right for your business

A lot goes into building a successful business. But essentially, it all comes down to making the right decisions for your business; from who you employ, who you partner with and who you support, to what office equipment you purchase and what internet connection deal you choose. Unfortunately, these decisions can become difficult. If you consider choosing an internet service provider, it can be a difficult decision, especially if you have limited or no knowledge of what to look out for in a good internet connection deal for your business. However, finding out which connection would be better is easy. There are hundreds of articles online that can guide you to make the best decision, but there are some relatively common differences that you will need to understand. Knowing which kind of connections are better is essential before you start searching for a connection deal. And in this case, understanding the differences between copper cables and Fibre optic internet is the best place to start.

Copper cables are generally used in ADSL, broadband and wireless internet. Copper cables have been widely used in internet connection solutions for many years, being one of the first successful internet technologies. However, technology has evolved over the last few years and Fibre optic is now one of the most reliable, fastest internet connection solutions available today. Copper cables are susceptible to a variety of external influences that can impact your internet connection. These include thunderstorms and rain, degradation, theft and other electromagnetic signals. Fibre optic technology makes use of glass fibres to transmit data through light signals. These cables are not influenced or affected by any external elements and do not get stolen. This means that your internet connection is more steady, reliable and faster.

Business Fibre is on the rise as one of the most popular internet solution technologies and most businesses are opting for this kind internet package because it offers so many benefits to not only business across the world, but homes as well. Here are a few reasons why Fibre optic is the best option for your business.

An increase in bandwidth

Bandwidth is the capacity of a wired or wireless network communications link to transmit the maximum amount of data from one point to another in a given amount of time. Bandwidth describes the data transfer rate. When referring to an optic Fibre line speed, you would measure this speed in Mbps (megabits per second) or Gbps (Gigabits per seconds). Copper cables usually have smaller bandwidth capacity, meaning line speeds will be ‘slower’, i.e up to 10Mbps, whereas Fibre optics can go up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps)

Longer distances supported

Fibre optics has really low attenuation, meaning the data can travel further and over longer distances. With copper cables, the signal tends to get weaker over shorter distances.

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Lower Cost

In the long run, business Fibre will cost you less than an ADSL, broadband or wireless internet connection line. Copper is extremely sought after and is therefore very susceptible to theft. This means that the chances that you would have to have copper cables reinstalled a few times are high. There are also less external impacts on optic Fibre than on copper, meaning less downtime and unplanned costs due to lengthy downtimes.


Fibre optic cables are more secure than copper because they do not radiate any signals and are extremely difficult to tap. This ensures that your data and information will be safe at all times.


Due to the nature of Fibre optic cables, they are less impacted by external elements, and your overall downtime is therefore also reduced, meaning that you will always have a steady and reliable business Fibre connection. This makes a big difference if running a successful business is important to you.

If you are looking for a reliable, fast, secure and affordable internet connection, you definitely need to consider business Fibre. BitCo has a variety of business Fibre packages that suit all of your business needs, whatever they may be. We offer 24/7 support to all of our customers, and our service is something we take pride in.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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