BitCo Channel Partner Programme

Enabling collaboration to deliver the best customer experience and support our channel partners need to grow their business.

BitCo Channel Programme

BitCo is committed to assisting the growth of the ICT industry in South Africa. We offer three ways in which you can partner with us and grow your business.

200Mbps - 300Mbps - 500Mbps Business Fibre Packages | BitCo



White labelled, bulk sales of Local and international upstream bandwidth for voice services and National Layer 2 Access. You can configure and on-sell at will.

50Mbps - 100Mbps - 150Mbps Business Fibre Packages | BitCo



Add BitCo’s Voice and last mile to product offering. Your client, your relationship, our premium last mile services.We offer recurring monthly commission on all accounts.

10Mbps - 20Mbps - 30Mbps Business Fibre Packages | BitCo



Account referral option. Sign up clients to the BitCo network, leave support and invoicing to us. We will manage the account entirely, you earn recurring monthly commission on all refers accounts.

Who can apply?

  • IT Resellers & Systems Integrators
  • ISVs
  • Telephony companies without an IECNS license
  • Hardware suppliers
  • Network Suppliers
  • Telecom Resellers
  • VARS
  • WISPs with bandwidth or coverage requirements
  • IT Consultants
  • PABX suppliers and maintainers

Benefits of the BitCo Partnership


  • All the benefits of a Carrier grade network without the laborious set-backs.
  • Compliance. Leverage off our premium, national Tier 1 licenses.
  • Annuity income. Commission is paid for the duration of the contract. No once-offs. If we are billing, you are earning.
  • Access to our collective experience. We will partner with you from start to finish and provide the necessary guidance.
  • Dedicated channel personnel. As a partner you have your own liaison who understands your relationship and supports you.

Becoming a BitCo Partner


Being a BitCo partner is about much more than just doing business with us. It’s about forging long-term partnerships with input from both sides that deliver the very best for the customer. Complete the form below and we will contact you with more information.