BitCo’s Perfect Fibre Deals and Fibre Packages For Your Business Solutions

You know Fibre deals are the way to go. What you may not fully understand, is how to choose the right Fibre package, or the right business Fibre supplier.

We’ve broken down all you need to know to make your BitCo research easy; find out which Fibre deal is right for your business, as well as the finer details about our Fibre packages, and why BitCo is a good partner for online connection:

Deciding on Fibre deals and packages

Different Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) offer various Fibre packages and deals. BitCo offers 12 packages, all of them based on the size of your business which determines how much speed is required.

Which BitCo Fibre package is best for your business?

Small business of 1 – 3 people

A small business that is not heavy on Internet usage, can get away with the 10Mbps package. What this means practically speaking, is that all 3 people in the business can use the Internet at once for browsing, file transference, email, VoIP and social media usage.

The speeds of these Fibre packages are fast and reliable. The higher Mbps you choose, the faster the Internet speed.

Small business of up to 5 people

A small business that needs to connect up to 5 devices, and which needs intermediate Internet usage (i.e. browsing, file transference, email, social media, video conferencing and other communications like VoIP) will find BitCo’s 20 – 50 Mbps packages suitable.

These speeds border on insanely fast and the connection is reliable.

Small to medium-sized business relying on the internet for most tasks

30 – 100 Mbps is ideal for seven to an early double-digit amount of staff that need to be online for collaboration, data backup and file transfer, in addition to normal browsing, social media usage and so on.

This range can also handle heavy audio use and video streaming communication like Skype.

It’s suitable for growing businesses that need web hosting, and e-commerce businesses.

Large and growing corporations with heavy internet usage

.100 – 1 000 Mbps provides insanely fast and extremely reliable connection for corporations that are still growing their employee count, and for heavy Internet usage.

You can even take it to 1 Gbps if your premises are in a Fibre served location.

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The finer details about BitCo’s business Fibre packages

Businesses rely on a) speed and b) reliability, so speed is not the only thing you need to look at when evaluating ISP’s.

If you’re considering BitCo as your ISP, here’s the kind of information you’re going to want to know, clear and upfront:

  • Data connectivity: all business Fibre packages are 1) uncapped, 2) uncontended and 3) synchronous. In plain language, this means that 1) there is no data limit or data cut-off, 2) the connection is not affected by other users, and 3) upload and download speeds are the same.
  • Uptime: all packages come with a  99% operational uptime guarantee.
  • External suppliers: BitCo does not use external suppliers. Instead, we are private, which means a more tailored, customised service approach.
  • Who owns the infrastructure? BitCo owns its own network and infrastructure.. Being a 1st tier operator, we are backbone Internet Providers; all other tiers rely on us, instead of us depending on them. To you, this means we are solely responsible for our network, so we are responsible for uptime, not an external party. It also means we can’t pass the buck when something goes wrong.
  • Customer support: We offer full support for all customers Monday to Friday 7 AM – 6 PM, and on Saturdays, 8 AM – 1 PM. For service and support, customers can call 087 135 0000.
  • Contract length: All Fibre deals come with a choice of a 24 or 36-month contract.
  • Terms and fair use policy: We advise you to read our terms and fair use policy carefully, to make sure our terms don’t affect your business. If you find a point which may, we encourage you to call us to discuss it.

What else can be included in BitCo Fibre packages?

  • Business Voice – This includes Voice Over IP (VoIP), Virtual PBX and PBX solutions for business.

Why BitCo fibre deals?

  • BitCo lights our own Fibre, which means we are solely responsible for uptime and the quality of the connection. Not many South African ISP’s light their own Fibre.
  • Being privately funded we own our infrastructure, which means there are no external parties = less cost to you, and better service.
  • Packages can be customised according to your specific needs.
  • Tier 1 Provider (there is only a handful in South Africa), which means our Fibre coverage is greater than other tiers.
  • Because we’re a tier 1 provider, our fibre coverage is a lot greater than many of the other ISP’s.

We are solid and stable, with over 12 years of experience, which means you won’t get to pay for our mistakes because we cut our teeth a long time ago and now we are experts.

Take our online connectivity guide to find the perfect solution for your business!

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